Nisjah posseses a Bachelor in Business Economics from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. She has over 18 years of experience at various banks such as ABN AMRO Bank, Kas Bank, ING Bank. N.V. and other types of organizations.

During her employment with ING Bank. N.V. she has held various positions in the departments of Mortgages, Marketing, Finance, Operational Risk Management, Compliance, Business Banking Retail / SME, Bank Wide Customer Domain, Client Service Delivery, Client Services Integration, Vantage Support & Corporate Audit Services.

Nisjah was also actively involved in setting up the Compliance function for Domestic Bank of ING Bank N.V.

Subsequently, she gained experience within the entire Retail company in the second line Compliance monitoring. In the first line she has fulfilled the Risk Officers role for large companies & small and medium-sized businesses and gained work experience in the second line monitoring of Risk Management and Internal Audit & Control.

Nisjah completed the Certifed Compliance Professional (CCP) course at the Netherlands Compliance Institute (NCI) (2016).

In addition to developments in the field of Compliance, she became more and more interested in the Auditing profession.

She opted for an Internal Auditing course at The Hague University of Applied Sciences because this course was set up from a management approach whereby strategy, organizational objectives and risks in the processes are starting points for research. She completed this training in 2017.

Nisjah mainly has a broad view of the organization. This is where her strength and added value lie.

Currently she is attending the Certified Internal Auditor program (CIA or The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)) at the University of Amsterdam.

At IUS Nisjah is involved in supporting the Compliance Officer and assisting the accountants in their investigations.