Eppo Horlings (1944), registered accountant and financial specialist is chairman of IUS Statutory Audits Coöperatie U.A.

In addition to boasting many years of experience as a registered accountant, he has built up a good reputation as a court-appointed expert and adviser in various actions for damages including compensation for loss resulting from administrative acts, compulsory purchase and loss resulting from government planning decisions, and in conflicts in the area of share valuations.
Not only that Eppo Horlings has over 25 years’ experience of lecturing at several different universities and is the author of a number of books on various financial subjects.

“The challenge of this profession is finding a balance between ambition and at the same time taking a sensible stance on responsibility, an incredibly dynamic area of tension. We are all aware of cases of fraud in which the dynamics went hand in hand with corruption. It happens all too often that fast-moving entrepreneurs find themselves in a situation where they need to ‘enhance’ figures, in the pretence of achieving overly ambitious and over-enthusiastic objectives. You often see that people with boundless ambition tend to neglect the need for accountability.”